You and only you are responsible to update yourself with these rules upon any updates, although we will be posting announcement upon an update you are still responsible for reading it.These rules may update anytime.

    These rules govern this site. Upon entering this site, one falls under the category of a "LoadedCheats Member" and is required to follow all of these rules. If after reading these terms, one finds anything disagreeable; the member must cease use of this site immediately. In addition to this, ignorance of the rules is absolutely no excuse for breaking them. We recommend that each user take the time to read the rules and also suggest that they print out a copy for their personal reference.

    LoadedCheats.net does not take any sort of liability for any content made or posted by its users. Each piece of content posted (a "post") is considered the intellectual property of the person who posted such content. LoadedCheats.net does not own anything posted by its users.

    Upon registration at this site, you agree that you shall not violate these rules. In the case that such agreement is broken, you shall accept the sentence given.


    By using this software and accessing loadedcheats.net, you agree that you are not currently employed by or associated in any way with the following companies:



    Doobic Studios


    SG Interactive

    YNK Games

    YNK Interactive

    EA Digital Illusions CE

    Easy Studios

    Electronic Arts


    Vivendi Universal





    Epic Games



    Online Warmongers Group Inc



    1. No Flaming

    One shall not insult or attack another member anywhere on the website.

    Exceptions: Spam Section and instances in which the receiver is not insulted

    Minimum sentence: Infraction

    Maximum sentence: 5 day temporary ban

    2. No Spamming

    One shall not post irrelevant or meaningless remarks in any thread.

    Exception: Spam Section

    Minimum sentence: Warning

    Maximum sentence: Infraction

    3. No Multiple Accounts

    One shall not have or use more than one account on LoadedCheats.net without permission from an Admin.

    Minimum sentence: Infraction on the most used account and permanent ban on the other accounts

    Maximum sentence: Staff's Decision

    Exception: Your most used account has been permanently banned. In this case, punishment will be staff's decision.

    4. Giving Credit

    One shall not present or claim someone else's work as their own. One may post such material and use it, integrating it with their own work if they give credits by posting the creators name.

    Minimum sentence: Infraction

    Maximum sentence: Permanent ban

    5. No Warez

    One shall not link or upload illegal material without permission from an Admin.

    Minimum sentence: Infraction

    Maximum sentence: 5 days ban

    6. Usernames

    One shall not make similar names to any staff member.

    Minimum sentence: Infraction

    Maximum sentence: Permanent and IP ban.

    7. No Scamming

    One shall not perform fraudulent or deceptive acts when trading goods or services on LoadedCheats.net.

    Sentence: Staff Decision

    8. No Begging

    One shall not demand hacks to be created or hacks to be updated.

    Exception: Spam Section or if the hack producer allows the members to suggest new features, etc..

    Minimum sentence: Warning

    Maximum sentence: Infraction

    9. Stuck threads and announcements

    One shall comply with stuck threads.

    Minimum sentence: Warning

    Maximum sentence: Infraction

    10. Thanks and reputation points Abusing

    One shall not excessively use the thanks button or bribe for thanks or reputation.

    Exception: If one is offering a service in the user service section.

    Maximum: Warning

    Maximum sentence: Infraction

    11. Advertising

    One shall not advertise a website to gain anything for themselves  or the website. One shall not advertise a competitor's forum; this includes but is not limited to linking to another forum or posting another forum's name. No referring people to such websites OR their hacks in ANY way. Using short links (such as adf.ly, adfoc.us) in your PMs, VMs, Threads, Posts, and signature will also count as advertisement.

    Minimum sentence: Warning

    Maximum sentence: Staff's Decision

    12. Inappropriate material

    One shall not link anywhere or post inappropriate material which includes, but is not limited to, aspects such as nude, gruesome, or seizure enducing images or videos on LoadedCheats.net.

    Exception: Private messages with the receiver's consent.

    Minimum sentence: Infraction

    Maximum sentence: Staff's Decision

    13. No Trolling

    One shall not intentionally provoke a negative emotional reaction from another member.

    Exception: Spam Section

    Minimum sentence: Warning

    Maximum sentence: 5 day temporary ban

    (The staff will dictate whether there was an "attempt" or if it was "intentional")

    14. Disrespecting Staff

    One shall not disrespect, dispute, or object any of the Staff's decisions and actions carried out when moderating. Any flaming or trolling directed towards staff will not be tolerated anywhere.

    Exception: Dispute Section, and the Stickied Staff Critique Thread (You still may not flame in these exceptions)

    Minimum sentence: 1st time - Warning | 2nd time - Infraction

    Maximum sentence: 5 days ban

    15.Requesting Hacks

    One shall not request hacks. Although you may request updates on old hacks. This action may lead to a 3 Day Ban and Negative Reputation.

    16. Responsibility over actions

    One is responsible for the actions committed via their LoadedCheats.net account and one's IM account. Being hacked is no excuse for what happens via your account.

    Sentence: Staff Decision

    17. Privacy

    One shall not release a person's information that is private on LoadedCheats without their consent.

    Sentence: Staff Decision

    18. Harmful Material

    One shall not post or spread any harmful material on this forum. These include RATS, keyloggers, phishers and viruses. You may also not post any tutorials on how to create harmful material or infect someone. You may not ask for harmful material or ask to be taught how to create or use it.

    Minimum sentence: 7 days ban

    Maximum sentence: Permanent ban

    19. Exploits on the forum

    One shall not exploit any features that are available on LoadedCheats. One must report these exploits to an administrator as soon as they are discovered.

    Sentence: Ban or Admin Decision

    20. Falsified Evidence

    One shall not provide falsified evidence to protect/harm themselves or anyone, in any case brought to the staff or the community's attention.

    Sentence: Administrator's decision based on the severity of the case.

    List of possible consequences:

    1- Verbal warning

    2- Warning

    3- Infraction

    4- Permanent suspension from the concerned section

    5- Temporary suspension

    6- Permanent suspension

    7- I.P. Address suspension



    Other: Despite the fact that we would like to be able to say that all punishments are outlined in black and white, we take everything on a case by case basis. The administration reserves the right to take each case as they may see fit.

    Note : Our service can be discontinued at any time for any reason.

    *Recidivism of the rules being broken may result in a permanent IP suspension, if seen fit by an administrator. Moderators picking on a member with infractions may result in a different punishment from an Admin.*

    If you would like to contact us regarding DMCA, please click here!